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I apologize a lot. This I know, because people tell me I should stop. But it’s the part of me that cares how others perceive me and how I effect them. I don’t apologize as a form of self deprecation, I apologize out of respect. For you and for the relationship I have with you.
Anonymous asked:
Kryss, you do know you're one of a kind, right?


I sure do, I just don’t flaunt it. I believe I’m no better than anyone else and no one else is any better than that of myself. In my eyes we’re all equal. We were all born with difference from another, to DEFINE who we are, not weather or not another is in the wrong for their differences. We have freedom to do as we please, if someone’s not a virgin that doesn’t make them any less than that of someone who is. That’s like saying whites are better than blacks or vice versa. It’s irrelevant. Have respect for yourself for who you are, another who wishes down upon you because of who you are needs a reality check. We’re all made of: skin, bones, emotions, thoughts, a brain and a heart just like everyone else. We’re all equal, just remember that when you wish to judge another.

The way that I see it is, if you’re judging another you’re also judging yourself. Why judge another of your own flesh? They have the same make up as you, but yet you’re better than them to judge what they do or their life decisions? No. That doesn’t makes sense at all. I wish more people would open their eyes to that. None of us are perfect, therefore none of us have the power to judge another.


Mexican-American Gothic (2010) by Santiago Forero

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me obsessively stretching my arms out in pics over the year

do you see this perfect Goddess!?!?!?!

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